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  • SET UP IN 2016

    • 2011 year

      Phase One
      In November, Semiconductor was established in Beijing,which is a subsidiay company of 
    • 2012 year

      Phase Two
      In May, Finished building of clean room and start small batch supply in September.
    • 2013 year

      Phaser Three
      In March, Start batch supply including main products 70W and 120W.
    • 2014 year

      Phase Four
      In May, Settled in Han'S Enterprise Bay and supply laser diode at 405nm12W,808nm250W/500W.
    • 2015 year

      Phase Five
      In January, Successfully pass certification of ISO9001;And in November obtained certification for "High-tech Enterprise",develop and produce lasers of 9XXnm 300W and high brightness laser of 70W with 0.15NA.
    • 2016 year

      Phase Six
      In June, Develop and manufacture high brightness laser of 150W with 0.15NA.
    • 2017 year

      Phase Seven
      In July, Supply high power laser system of Kilowatts.

    Aidetai Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

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